White Swept Frames

For these prints, our customer selected an ornate, hand carved, swept frame with a white glossy finish.

These handmade frames were made at our external partner workshop.

The frames include a double window mount with a deep navy blue mountboard for the inner mount and bright white for the outer mount. The mount is 7cm at the top and on each side, and weighted at 7.5cm at the bottom.

Here is a video showing how these frames are made

Here is a link to more information and examples of our handmade frames.

These prints are from Icelandic artist and designer, Kristjana S. Williams. A lot of her work and designs involves fine art, homeware, and fashion.

These striking designs predominantly revolve around exotic birds with the addition of intricate and detailed designs of butterfly wings and bold graphic florals. Her combination of coloured graphical elements with the delicate Victorian engravings gives it all an authentic feel.

There is a lot of stark contrasts such as the black, yellow, and red which really brings out the intricate details of the prints and make the pleasing to the eye.