White Frame with Green Slip

When framing contemporary pieces of art, it is always best to keep things simple.
We were asked to frame this simple, but elegant painting on canvas. The customer wanted a shallow white frame and as the canvas was not already stretched over bars, and was not too valuable, we dry mounted the canvas to board and trimmed off some of the white border. This is something we can do for customers who buy inexpensive “holiday art” which they bring back rolled up without the original bars the piece was stretched over. If the piece is not of any great value and they appreciate that the process is irreversible Once it is stuck down, it is stuck down for good and we cannot un-trim the excess canvas around the artwork). This then saves the customer the cost of re-stretching it and opens up a much, much wider choice of frames.

We kept things simple and used a wide white frame, with a thin green slip inserted which matched the green in the painting. There was then the white border of canvas that we did not trim off around the painting and the overall effect was simply beautiful.

Great job!