Watercolour of Chinese Junk

Our customer wanted this lovely watercolour of Chinese Junks framed in a wood frame. A rich reddish brown frame was chosen, with a complimentary brown mount.

Paintings always cry out for a natural wood frame and choosing a frame where the wood grain shows always seem to work well. Often customers like an oak frame and an off-white mount, but the combination chosen here also works very well.

At Inspirations Framing, we always use mount card with a white core that is acid free and will remain pristine white. Cheaper mount card, often used by framers to maximise profits, tends not to be acid free and to have a cream core, which over time turns brown due to the acid. This acid can seep out and stain the artwork as well and can damage paintings on paper and photographs.

Check your framed artwork and, if you discover they have been framed using mount card with cream or brown coloured core, call Inspirations for a quote to change the mount to one which is acid free.