Valentine’s Day Card

What to do with a Valentine’s day card that you like … well why not frame it?

This card has been framed with a traditional swept frame at our business partners workshop. Every order is briefed directly into the workshop.

Each frame is assembled by hand; their cutter has been assembling frames for over twenty years.

All corners are filled, sanded and inspected before they enter the ornamentation room.

Moulds are pressed and applied by hand; detailed work on each frame is cross-checked before frames go to the paint room.

Bole and other finishes are painted or sprayed and checked for flaws. Any flaws are corrected and repainted.

The Boles, clays, paints and gilts are applied by our team of specialist finishers who have a combined experience of over forty years.

All finished frames are quality controlled and any further washes or treatments applied.

Please pop in to see our sample frames or call us for a quote