This wonderful still life was bought from us via our International Graphics agency and is a print on canvas. It was bought for our customer Sally’s kitchen and she wanted it framed in a contemporary way. The print arrived rolled in a tube and we stretched it and we framed the stretched canvas in a “floater frame”. A floater frame is basically a tray which the canvas sits in and has a small gap between the canvas and the edge of the frame but no rebate covering the edge of the canvas.

You can view the  International Graphics page for this piece (and see other works by the same artist here:  Willem de Bont “Still Life with Yellow Coffee Pot.

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International Graphics

The edge of the frame shows as does a few millimetres of the face and, as this was hand painted to match Sally’s interior, it allows the image to show in full, but also the opportunity to blend it into it’s environment.

Thanks to John the framer for a job well done, this looked absolutely fantastic when finished and I am sure Sally is pleased too as she has been back for more!

Sally was kind enough to leave some feedback on this (and other work that we undertook for her:  “Excellent thank you”.

                                                 If you would like to see further reviews from our customers follow this link: Testimonials.