Stained & Waxed Tray Frame

This is a recent example of a frame where the customer wanted the colour of the frame to match existing wood in her home.

In this instance it was for a canvas, for which she wanted a “tray” frame where the canvas sits in the frame, but the frame does not come over the edge of the canvas, but forms a rectangle around it with a small gap between the canvas and the inner edge of the frame (see the photographs). They are also called “L Frames” or “Float Frames”.

Our customer wanted an oak finish and we offered a plain wood obeche frame with a choice of stains with a wax ed finish.

We stained and waxed a couple of samples and sent them to her home address so that she could compare on-site to the wood in her house.

She was happy with one of the finishes and we then made the frame.

Although obeche is a plain wood with very little grain, it does not have any unsightly knots and the grain comes out nicely when stained and waxed.

The finished piece looks stunning and the frame suits the frame perfectly.