Sports Shirt Framing

Here is our new video showing how we frame sports shirts.

We hand stitch the shirts to an acid free backing, using coloured cotton to disguise the stitches (we use black cotton in the video so that you can see what we are doing). We use a template cut out of board or foam board to stretch the shirt flat, and even add two smaller templates for the sleeves, if necessary.

The glass is held away from touching the glass by using spacers around the edge, and we pack out the face mount with strips of foam board to create the shadow effect.

All this means we have to use deep frames, though there is a huge choice available.

Anyway, have a look at the video (you can turn the sound off if it is annoying!), then pop in, call us, or email us if you have any questions. We may be able to give a rough estimate without seeing the shirt, but it would be best if you can pop in with the shirt of you want a firm quote as we need to know the size of the shirt, how you want it displayed, whether you want extra apertures for text, tickets, photo’s etc, and your choice of frame for this.