Sports Shirt Framing Price Guide


Our standard framed sports shirts are;

  • Stretched over individually cut armature giving shape to the shirt.
  • Framed in a deep sided frame from a choice of finishes and colours
  • Bevel- cut mount set against the inside of the glass giving a “shadow” effect.

Price guide for an adult shirt in from £280 depending on size and choice of materials etc

Costs will vary depending on how you want the shirt displayed and how big the shirt is to start with, and which frame is chosen, so this is a rough guide for an average shirt

Children’s shirts cost from around £230


Adding an extra mount (as in the framed football shirt shown) can enhance the look of a shirt and will only add about £35 to the cost depending upon the size.

Extra apertures in the mount to display a photograph, legend, ticket, programme etc , costs vary and we will have to advise on a job-to-job basis.

Mount slips or frame slips can add considerably to the look and add a sight or key line around the shirt. They will cost from about £20.


Frame Slip                                                                                                                                                            Mount Slip

For sports and football shirt framing examples click here

We frame to conservation standard as standard and will frame to museum standard if required. This means that that all processes affecting the artwork be fully reversible. In other words, what you have framed to conservation standard can be returned to its former state, i.e. prior to framing, at any time up to 20 years.

We always use white core mount card* which gives a pristine white bevel and stays pristine white, unlike cream core mount card used by most framers, which turns brown with age.

*except for our museum standard board which has a solid colour matching the face colour, and black core. used when requested.