Roger Betka

We have just framed these two interesting images by the artist Roger Betka. The left hand image is an original painting which we framed in a natural wood. We used a spacer to keep the water-white art glass away from touching the surface of the painting.

The image on the right is a print, for which we used a plain mount and water white art glass again in a complimentary frame.

Both images look fantastic and both frames fit perfectly with their respective artworks.

Roger Betka lives and works in Los Angeles, California as a storyboard artist and freelance illustrator for Toyota, Nissan, Ebay, Chevy, Harris Publications, and Time Warner Cable. His love for comic book art, mid-century illustration, and Sci-Fi, and anything coming from a weird, surreal physical or mental space inspire his compositions.

If you want to see more of Roger Betka’s work, then he has a facebook page ( and is easily found with a Google search.