Richard Rayner Paintings

 We recently posted about an art exhibition, featuring the works of professional artist, Richard Rayner, who lived in Orpington between 1887 and 1908.

The exhibition is now over, but I can now show you a couple of the paintings from the exhibition which we framed.

These traditional paintings are better served by more traditional style frames and darker mounts than we would use on contemporary works.

The frame needs to help set off the piece without distracting from it.

This second painting is now hanging in All Saints’ Church. Bark Hart Road (where the exhibition took pace) and the painting depicts the interior.

For this piece, a double mount was chosen, with the inner mount just a few millimetres wide, but in a similar colour to the colour of the outer frame.

The mounts and the frames for both pieces are in complimentary colours to those in the paintings, blending everything together perfectly.