Mick Cawston Print


This Limited Edition Print “Friendship” by Mick Cawston, features two lurchers and was bought by our customer as a gift for her aunt who had two very similar lurchers.

The mounting and framing was kept simple so as not to distract from the beautiful image. What a nice present!

Mick Cawston (1959-2006) is one of the UK’s most celebrated and loved canine artists and was adapt at painting, dogs, wildlife and the human form with a variety of painting materials – he was excellent at pencil sketching as well as painting.

Born in Dagenham, Essex and had a colourful early life including the army and various occupations, he went on to become a published country life artists with a career that lasted just shy of two decades, until his ultimately passing in 2006.

Here is a link to a more detailed biography: https://www.buy-fineart.com/biography.asp?a=5854