Persian Arrowheads

We were delighted and excited when we were asked to frame these ancient bronze arrowheads.

They are from Luristan in what was western Persia and date from 900 –  600 BC.

The customer selected this bronze “Canaletto” frame from Lars & Juhl with complimentary double mounts and a gold mount slip that matches with the frame perfectly.

The customer wanted two “windows” in the mounts, one for the arrowheads and one for the certificate of provenance.

The overall effect is a visually very beautiful piece of art and the arrowheads look every bit as special as they should.

The history of Luristan, the Lurs and other civilisations of the region is fascinating. Here are a couple of links with information you may find helpful if this history intrigues you too; survival- quarterly/iran/lurs- iran of- luristan