Massimiliano Longo mixed media painting on hand made paper.

Massimiliano Longo is a painter who lives in Venice but has a number of galleries that exhibit his work in England,one of which shows his work at exhibitions across the world.

As with many creative people, fabulous artwork can be created with limited consideration to the difficulties that may be presented in displaying the artwork at it’s best advantage. As our creativity is not restricted by the usual limitations of framing we have always found a way of accommodating whatever has been produced.

In this case we had to frame seven pieces at short notice (one day!) for shows in Canada, Singapore and London.

Four of the  pieces were painted on a crinkly hand made paper with tissue and straw attached.

The artworks created were very deep and so needed very deep frame to display them without the paper touching the glass.

We had limited time to complete these frames and so worked through the night to ensure that this was completed in time for the collection, but never compromised on the quality of the work we produced for the idea of getting some rest.and we stuck to our principals of conservation framing despite all temptations to cut corners.  The black frames/backing really sets the bold and freely created work off well.