Marilyn Munroe Portrait on Canvas by Jimmy Law

We have just stretched this wonderful portrait of Marilyn Munroe on canvas by South African artist Jimmy Law.

There is nothing special or unusual about this job, which would normally be a requirement for these posts, but it is such a stunning image, I could not resist!

Jimmy Law’s Biography reads as follows:

“I was born in Bloemfontein in the Orange Free State on 26 September 1970. I matriculated in 1989.
In 1990 I enrolled to study a three year Graphic Design Diploma course at the Technicon of the Orange Free State. After my studies I was conscripted for National Service in the South African National Defence Force for one year. After being discharged from National Service I moved to Cape Town and found work at a printing company in Woodstock. This was my first job. I tried my hand at several endeavours, ranging from clothing design and manufacture to surfboards, but non of them were really successful.

Staying in Cape Town, I found work as a freelance illustrator and did a lot of work in the comic book industry. All along I was painting in my spare time. In 2008 I decided to focus entirely on my painting.
The first year was extremely tough, I made no money. I also took up airbrushing and started spraying motorcycles of which mostly Harley-Davidsons. At least some money was coming in and I was surviving.

At this time, I was painting in a photo realistic style and paintings took forever to complete.
In December 2010 I radically changed the approach to my painting style by using only large brushes which initiated some remarkable changes and effectively started my career as a serious, full time artist.

I focus on creating energetic and expressive portraits and nudes on a fairly large format in oils and acrylics.
Many of my works now adorn the homes and offices of clients around the world.”

You can see more images of Jimmy Law’s work here: