“Wine” by Kirsten Burke

We have worked with Kirsten for well over 10 years, have put on many exhibitions and sold her work through our galleries in Greenwich and Petts Wood.

We are now preparing her work for a forthcoming exhibition which we can keep you informed about if you contact us via email.

Kirsten mainly produces pieces as originals only, but occasionally allows pieces to be produced as very limited edition prints, which is what she has done with “Wine”. In this case Kirsten has hand embellished the print to make it unique.

We have framed this in rich gold with a burgundy mount and a gold mount slip helping to make this already striking piece absolutely sumptuous!

Copies of this (and other Kirsten Burke originals/prints are available through the workshop or our sister site inspirational-

This piece is an interpretation of a quote from “The Chaplet” by Saki …

By insisting on having your bottle pointing to the north when the cork is being drawn, and calling the waiter Max, you may induce an impression on your guests which hours of laboured boasting might be powerless to achieve. For this purpose, however, the guests must be chosen as carefully as the wine.