Julie Colclough Print

We framed this Julie Colclough print in a beautiful walnut frame, with a double window mount and anti-reflective glass. It was framed to the Fine Art Trade Guild’s Conservation Level (gives a high level of protection for your artwork or objects, whilst looking good and enabling you to view your framed work to best effect). 

Due to the vibrant colours of the print, the double mount adds a bit more depth to it as we ensured that the colour of each of the mounts compliment the print, with a deep blue for the inner mount and a grey outer mount which neutralises some of the vibrant colours.

Our customer made a good choice with this 15mm solid wood, black walnut frame. The photo’s do not do justice to the wonderful array of colours in the wide grain, with greys and browns. It was brought to life by a clear wax finish.

For the glazing, we recommended using an anti-reflective art glass. This glass  helps protect the artwork from UV light, is “water white” giving crystal clear colour transmission and a virtually invisible, anti-reflective surface for truly amazing clarity.

The Julie Colclough print isElterwater & The Langdale Pikesfrom her Signpost Series.https://www.inspirationsframing.co.uk/fine-art-trade-guild-standards-html.html