Izi Glover Etchings

We recently framed a series of  lovely etchings by artists and gardener Izi Glover.

Izi makes etchings of birds and plants. Her prints are based on field studies and photographs and use low impact non-toxic printing techniques. 

The etchings are mainly printed on hand made paper or linen, so a natural material was chosen for the frames. The  prints on hand made paper were float mounted and a spacer was used to keep the glass above the prints. They were all framed in black walnut, a solid hardwood, which we waxed, and the square print on linen was framed in a soft wood tray frame which we stained to match the others, then waxed.

I have included the studio shots we took of Izi’s framed pieces, but unfortunately they do not do them justice, so below are Izi’s own shots of three of the framed prints, which are much, much nicer.