Graduation Pastel Portrait

We have just framed this wonderful pastel portrait of our customers at their daughter’s graduation.

The artist had completed the portrait, but neglected to use any fixative, so that there was a real danger in the pastel becoming smudged whilst we were working on it. If we had framed it in this condition (as many pastel artists will know), then pastel dust will fall from the picture and accumulate on the lower edge of the mount. This can become very unsightly.

We did two things to reduce this from happening. Firstly we used a professional quality fixative spray and then we put a spacer between the mount and the picture. This allows any pastel dust that does fall, to go behind the mount and out of sight.

A simple black frame was chosen along with a complementary mount to suit the background. It all works perfectly well and we hope it will look good for years to come.