Framing for John Govett

At Inspirations Framing we have over 25 years experience dealing with artists and preparing their artwork  for exhibitions in the UK and internationally.

We undestand the issues with transporting artwork and the need for inexpensive, robust framing that shows their artwork to the best advantage, but will not add a fortune to the price for their customers who may wish to choose a different frame at a later date.

These frames are for London based artist John Govett, who paints on board to a range of set sizes. This enables us to batch produce frames that he can easily fit completed artworks into, ready for display.

By choosing a solid wood frame, they are robust and can be transported to and from exhibitions relatively safely and can be reused if desired.

This also means that John has a ready supply of frames and awaiting framing to be completed prior to a show will not be a time restraint and takes away one level of stress from any pre-show jitters!

I should point out that the images show one of our framers – Simon,  whilst working on John’s frames, and not John himself!