Framing For Artists

With 20 years experience working with galleries (we had three of our own) and directly with artists (including international artists), we appreciate the issues that are involved when framing for artists.

Picture Framing For Artists
Framing a portrait for artist Jack Joiner

Whether it is creating the right look within a budget, managing a range of frames to suit differing sizes /styles of work whilst maintaining a consistent appearance across a display, durable frames that can cope with the punishment of multiple exhibitions, we have worked with hundreds of artists and understand what is needed.

Based between Bromley and Orpington, we can work with you (or your agent) to establish what you are looking for and any special requirements ensure that you get the framing that you want.

Working on frames for an exhibition for  Dominic O’Callaghan

Artists that we have worked with include;

Andy Waite

Barry Goodman

Carole Wilhide

Chris Gilbert

Chris Woolmer

Colin Ruffell

Corina Button

Cos Ahmet

Deborah Waterson

Dominic O’Callaghan

Dylan Izaak

Este MaLeod

Hugette Leclerq

James O’Hanlon

Jane Cope

Jane Gibson

Jane Peart

Jola Spytkowska

Jon Pryke

Kirsten Burke

Lil Nutter

Lin Osborn

Liu Haiming

Maria Tribe

Mark Rowbotham

Massimiliano Longo

Meg Surrey

Nick Muir

Ollie Lett

Patrick O’Donnell

Paul Cooke

Peter Sanders

Richard Batt

Ruth Allen

Tina Mamoser

Photographs from some of the art exhibitions we attended