Framed Swimming Medals

Darren, our customer has amassed a host of medals for swimming and wanted to display them rather than leaving them in a drawer.

Sensibly he came to us for advice and the resulting framing is a very impressive display that is a work of art in itself. I would add that you do not need to have such a large collection and single medals can look good too.

Darren chose a simple black “cushion” frame and off white mount card for both the background and the window mounts. The frame had enough depth for us to be able to set the medals to the back and the window mounts against the glass giving a shadow effect. As pictures are worth a thousand words, I’ll let them do the rest of the talking …

It is difficult to give any price guide as there are many differing options. It depends on how many medals, how you want them displayed (with/without ribbons etc) and the choice of frame.

Pop in or call for advice.