Needlework Framing

Framing needlework / textiles can sometimes be a little more complex than framing prints but you can be confident that we understand these complexities, we will look after your artwork whilst it is in our care and when done properly, the finished article will be presented to it’s very best.

The most common issue with cross stitches and tapestries is the unpredictable nature of the material and it’s response to the needlework. Quite often, particularly with larger pieces, the finished article and image will not be square. We have the facilities to re-stretch the material to remedy this. We can also advise on mounting and positioning the artwork back from the glass if the thread or appliqué stands proud from the material. Serving BromleyChislehurstLocksbottomOrpingtonPetts WoodPratts Bottom and Sidcup, please be assured that we will discuss and agree every detail with you prior to carrying out the work, including the method of attaching the material within the frame.

Please note that we will not wash or iron textiles before we fame them and therefore, if necessary we ask that you arrange for this to be done yourself prior to leaving the work with us. The best method for transporting textiles to prevent creasing and soiling is to roll them around a cardboard tube and place inside another tube or plastic bag.