Framed Channel Swim Memento

Micheal Morrison came to us for ideas for framing his memento’s from a channel swim he made with 5 friends (Michael Cross, Tim Strange, Megan Forbes, Ryan Harding & Florence Unitt) from the Eltham Training & Swimming Club in 2004.

Michael had picked up a stone from the beach when he arrived in France and wanted this framing along with his certificate and the navigation map showing the route they took.

We advised on a deep frame to allow for the depth of the stone and a black multi- cut bevel mount to contrast the light colours of the stone and paperwork. The end result is very effective.

There are increasing numbers of people attempting channel swims and you will need to ensure that your swim is governed by the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation to be official. There are a set of rules that must be obeyed and it should be appreciated that the route will be long and difficult due to the tides (see the navigation map). There are many dangers from shipping as the English Channel is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.