Framed Dark Blue Millwall Shirt

I don’t tend to photograph framed football shirts for our web site anymore as we have enough examples. And many are similar to work done previously. This shirt looks great and is a good example of our standard framing, so I decided to include it.

We used our deep chunky frame (available in a choice of colours/finishes include gloss or matt black, gloss or matt white and a silver). The shirt is stretched and stitched over a bespoke cut template which is float mounted on a backing card. We then cut a bevelled shadow mount which is placed in the foreground against the glass.

Simple, but stunningly effective.

Guide prices:

Adult shirts from £150

Child’s shirts from £130

We have a huge range of different frames, styles and finishes and the above is just an example. We chose this as our standard sports shirt frame as it represents a very good result at a reasonable price. Other extras can be added such as extra apertures cut in the mount for text, programmes, tickets, photographs etc. We can add extra mounts (usually is a second team colour), mounts slips, frame slip etc. Please call us to discuss your options.