England Rugby Union Cap

With the Rugby Union Six Nations Championship due to be getting back underway next weekend I thought I would show you how we recently framed a signed England RFU Cap and match programme for a customer recently.

Because of the dimensions of the cap, we needed a very deep frame (so as to display the cap nicely, without flattening it, or squashing it against the glass).

The frame was black with white back mount, fillets (on the inner sides of the frame) and front face mount. We then had two further “inner mounts” in blue and red only showing a couple of millimetres each, so as to create the pin stipe effect that you see in the photographs around the cap and the programme separately.

The mounts were all set to the back of the frame and the fillets old the glass tight up against the rebate of the frame to the front.

The finish is really something special. I hope you agree.