Emma Campbell – Two Peas in a Pod

We have just framed this amazing canvas on board by Irish artist Emma Campbell. This piece is called “Two Peas in A Pod”.

For the frame, an embossed oak grain effect moulding was selected with a white painted finish. The moulding is quite strong, sturdy and has a 32mm rebate which is perfect for framing a raised float print.

A raised float mount is hidden behind the artwork which gives the print a 3d effect as the artwork appears to float off the backing board. To preserve the artwork, it is important to make sure that the glazing does not come into contact with it, so a spacer is used around the inside edges of the frame for the glass to sit on, keeping it away from the artwork.

A snow white mountboard was used as the background so the print sitting on it has a good contrast as well as a similar colour to the frame itself ,which brings it all together nicely.

For more information on Emma’s work visit here web site here: Emma Campbell

For details of the limited edition prints of this original, see here: Two Peas in a Pod