The end result is stunning and I hope it brings much satisfaction to our customer as it does to us.

Double Frame with Slip for Print on Canvas Board

This was our customer’s first foray into buying art and he wanted a very special job doing. This is a Todd White print on a canvas textured board, so a deep frame was not necessary. We built up three layers with an outer frame made with a 75mm gesso based black moulding, with a hardened matt lacquer finish. Then an inner frame with a brushed cream finish which matches some of the tones in the painting, then finally a brushed black frame slip around the inner edge of the picture.

We kept to conservation methods and used canvas offsets screwed into the back of the inner frame to hold the print in place without effecting the print at all. This also enabled us to show as much of the image as possible as our customer was aware that the re was only a minimal distance between the hair in the image, and the outer edge of the board.