Distressed Frames

We are often asked “Why does the frame cost so much in comparison to the print/artwork, we only paid £5.00 for the print/artwork when we were on holiday?”

Well, the answer is simple, it’s that the frame is far more complicated, takes far more time to produce and has more components, each of which are, in the case of Inspirations Framing anyway, of a high quality. Many prints are  just low quality inks on low quality paper which cost a few pence in materials and a few pence more to print.

This does not say, however, that a relatively inexpensive print cannot look fantastic if framed well.

In this instance our customer bought these two inexpensive pieces of artwork, but wanted them to look great. She wanted frames similar to a frame that our framer, had produced for himself about 15 years ago, which she saw at the workshop.

We started with a plain wood obeche frame which he distressed by hand, then stained, painted and waxed.

The resulting frames look fabulous and are unique.