Chinese Embroidery

When this embroidery arrived at our shop, it had been folded up and forgotten about for many years. Creased and yellowed, it was a good challenge for us to get it looking like a work of art once more. Our customers chose a bevelled black frame with a gold trim which creates lovely tonal changes as light hits the angles created by the bevels.  Using a black mount card creates the illusion of a brighter backdrop and brings out the shadows within the needlework. We also dry mounted the piece onto bright white card, the white shines through the embroidery and combats the yellowing. Dry mounting also helps to fix the deep creases in the piece.

The Chinese lettering is in ancient Chinese, the literal translation (reading from right to left) is the ancient poetic name for the sound made by the wind rushing through the pine-trees, with the branches swaying, the sound of water in a stream etc.