Canvas Stretching (Beach Scene)

This canvas was stretched over shallow, traditional style of stretcher bars. Over the past ten years, it has been fashionable to use deeper stretcher bars and not frame the picture, this suits prints on canvas as it is a cheaper option and the edge can be printed straight and left white (the colour of the type of coated material that would be used for a giclee printer). When re- stretching we have to choose a similar style of bars to those used when the picture was painted as the paint would crack if it were bent in a different place.

Many pictures brought back by customers from holidays to far flung places, were painted on canvases which were stapled along the edge rather than around the back. This is because traditionally canvases were framed rather than just leaving the edge showing. In this case, the edge was painted fairly straight along the edge (see above) and the canvas stapled around the back leaving nice white edges