Appointment Calendar

We can now see our customers either physically in the workshop, or virtually via Zoom. If you have items that require framing, you can book an appointment, or turn up on spec, but be aware that appointments will take precedent over customers calling on spec.

The choice is yours, pop along to see us in person with a physical appointment, stay at home and see us via a Zoom appointment, or try on spec.

Please note that our opening hours are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (closed on Bank Holidays) from 10:00am until 4:00pm (with the last Zoom appointment at 3:40pm).

If you have any questions regarding booking a Zoom appointment, please see the helpful info below.

  • Zoom appointments will enable us to show you samples live and you can receive a quote or estimation immediately.
  • Appointments will be set at 20 minute time slots. Please book one time slot per item (unless you have several similar items requiring the same frame, mount etc).
  • Please either have your item that requires framing to hand before your appointment.
  • Please have a tape measure to hand also as we may ask you for other measurements during your appointment and/or may want you to see the suggested dimensions of the quotation.
  • We can discuss how you can get your artwork to us, if you are happy with our quotation.
  • If you want us to have your artwork in the workshop at the time of your appointment, then please call or email us first to make arrangements.
  • If you are new to Zoom, here is a beginners guide

Please book your appointment below and remember to select either a physical (call in person) appointment, or a virtual (Zoom) appointment.

  • Please select your date & time slot(s) from the calendar below.
  • Each time slot is 20 minutes.
  • Please select 1 x 20 minute time slot per item to be framed (unless you have several similar items requiring the same frame, mount etc).
  • Please ensure if multiple slots are selected the times follow each other – ie. 10:00 + 10:20 + 10:40 etc