Acrylic 3-D Fronted Frames

As a contemporary alternative to standard deep or  display boxes built to the rear of frames for objects, I would like to introduce to you our latest innovation, acrylic 3-D fronted frames. We can have these made to any depth or size in 3mm or 5mm thick acrylic to suit the task.

These fronts have rounded corners to the sides with no joins and are only joined at the top and bottom edges. This allows the object to be seen from above, below and from either side and is a lot more light and airy in comparison to traditional deep frames.

These fronts not only offer protection from dust and tampering, but offer 90% UV protection too.


Model cars

This 3-D acrlic front is 120mm x 340mm x 65mm and a guide price would be approximately £30.00 plus the cost of the frame.

We  have reframed these cars (they were for shop display) and you can see how we framed them previously here and decide which you prefer?



Fred the Ted.

The domed front is 335mm x 240mm x 90mm and a guide price would be £34.00 plus the cost of the frame.

We  have re-framed this teddy bear (it was for for shop display) and you can see how we framed him previously here and decide which you prefer?


Vulcan Bomber

We have used a 3-D acrylic box front to frame this collection of parts, models and a photograph of the recently decommissioned Vulcan Bomber.

Our customers were part of the team who campaigned to keep the last example of this beautiful plane flying, but despite their efforts it has flown it’s last flight.

The results are stunning in this gunmetal coloured frame.



Tower of London Poppy

The simple oak frame, double mount and acrylic front made to measure by Callender Designs Ltd combine for what I think is the best way to frame these poppies as they are light, bright and you can view from the sides as well as the front.


Colourful Face Mask

This colourful mask is a great example of why framing with an acrylic 3-D front allows the viewer to see 3 dimensional artworks from the sides as well as from the front as opposed to a deep box behind the frame, which can be, especially with very deep frames, like looking into a well and unless you are standing right in front of the frame, you cannot clearly see the object, and even then can only see the front view of the object.

The acrylic 3-D front also allows for better lighting options and naturally lets in more light.




Italian Masks

Our customer wanted a frame to display these Italian masks, which were made by friends.

A deep box frame, deep enough for the masks, would have meant an unsightly view from the sides and it would have meant you could only view them from the front. They would also have been a little dark. 
Instead we have made an acrylic 3-D front. This is much brighter, lighter and contemporary, allowing them to be viewed from both sides as well.
What do you think?



Wedding Memorabilia

This collection of wedding memorabilia look great in this acrylic 3-D fronted frame, with his white button hole, the characters from on top of the cake, a fob watch, a tie and a nice photo.

Our customers wanted a dark background and a black frame.

The 3-d acrylic box virtually disappears! 



“Iron” Mike Tyson Signed Boxing Glove and Photo

Our customer was in Las Vegas when he saw signs to a merchandising signing by Mike Tyson.

You could pay just for the signed glove and certificate, or pay a little more and have your photo taken with him too.


What a great way to prove the provenance of the signature!

Anyway, the three items all look great against a black mount, in a black frame, with a 3-D acrylic front.